Our company – “Sve za Volvo” (Everything for Volvo) started its work in 2002 and since then we’ve been working with Volvo passenger cars. Initially, the service was in Kaludjerica (11130 Belgrade), and from 2017 it was transferred to a location in Zemun Polje (11080 Belgrade).

The founder and owner Marko Raičević started the craft as a self-taught mechanic. In the beginning, his work was mostly related to the mechanics of cars, and in time he learned and got acquainted with every model of the Volvo brand. The years of training in the craft led Marko to become a professional car technician for Volvo vehicles that can solve every problem that happens on your model.

Our expert team will provide you with quality services in the fields of car-mechanics, car-electrics and car-electronics. Their approach to your car is very pedantic with full attention and dedication. We also have the original Volvo Diagnostics that will definitely reveal all malfunctions on your vehicle, thus it’s much faster and easier to solve any possible problem.

Our large stock of used parts allows you to buy a part and have it installed by professionals, at a reasonable price and all at one place. If you prefer a new original Volvo part or a part from some of the renowned manufacturers we can order it for you.

To what extent we are dedicated to cars, we have been so dedicated to our customers to welcome them and make them comfortable with us. For quality services and a pleasant atmosphere, the doors of our service are always open to you.