VOLVO SERVICE has original diagnostics, which with certainty determines malfunctions!

We offer the following types of services:

  • On-board diagnostics
  • Car Mechanics
  • Car Electrics
  • Car Electronics
  • Basic General Service
  • Major General Service
  • Service, repair and filling of car AC
  • Used parts for sale
  • Sale of new parts
  • Deep interior cleaning
  • Removing all mechanical defects on:
    • Steering and Suspension Systems
    • Brake System (reparation of braking pads, brake hoses replacement)
    • Transmission (repair of manual and automatic transmissions)
    • Starting, Charging and Battery Systems (alternator and alnaser reparation, and also replacing AC compressor clutch bearing)

You get a warranty for all the work carried out in our shop!

We cover all expenses in case of any car malfunctions during your trip but only if you are willing to continue to service your car at our shop.

On-board diagnostics

The electronic system installed in most cars in the event of malfunction stores the information in the system as an error and the driver will be informed with a light signal that will appear on the dashboard.
Having a diagnostics does not imply that you only have to plug in the device, it is necessary to have the professional experience to diagnose the data from the car's computer correctly.
Our technicians will quickly diagnose any malfunction of the vehicle by with the help of a diagnostic device. Their deep understanding and knowledge of car mechanics and electronics allow easy and efficient troubleshooting.

Basic General Service

The basic service means regular and obligatory car maintenance. During a small service, all filters are replaced (oil filter, fuel filter, engine air filter, cabin air filter) and engine oil replacement, and if necessary fluid to the cooling and braking system is checked and added. It is advised that a small service is performed every 10,000 kilometers or every 12 months. When buying a used car, it is recommended that a small service be done.

Major General Service

Major General Service is periodic car maintenance. When performing a major service, replacement of the following parts is carried out: gear belt, roller and gear belt pulley, water pump, channel belt, channel belt pulley, and alternator pulley with a clutch. It is advised that a major service is performed on 100,000 km or after 4 years if the car exceeds less mileage. If you have purchased a used car that does not have a service booklet that records the data of the last time when a major service has been performed, it is advisable to do a major service to prevent large engine malfunctions. It is very important that you regularly maintain your vehicle and do not exceed the mileage provided by the manufacturer, especially with diesel engines because they are affected by higher loads and vibrations than petrol engines.