Volvo used parts within our service allows you to buy and install a part at reasonable prices at our shop.

All used parts are classified and stacked.

A large stock of used parts for Volvo models since 2005. If we don’t have the desired part in stock, we can provide it in a very short time.

Parts for up to 2004. models are on SALE!

Types of car parts in our stock:

Car alarm, CD players, DVD players, radios, GPS devices, speakers, car amplifiers, cables

Seat belts, seat belt tensioner, airbag

Wiper blades, wiper arms, wiper adapters

Water hoses, oil hoses, fuel hoses, air hoses, pipes, pipe gasket, cuffs, cufflinks

Engine block, engine head, cylinders, pistons, piston connecting rod, valves, valve hydraulics, valves, crankshafts, camshafts, piston rings, cylinder sleeves, radial shaft seals, turbines

Diagnostic devices, interfaces, cables, connectors, software ..

Battery, anlaser (starter), alternator, spark plugs, heaters, distributor arm, distribution cap, cables, ignition coil, siren, central lock, wiper motor

ECM, ABS computer, Airbag computer, other computers, window lifters, Crankshaft Position Sensor, MAP Sensor, MAF Sensor, KNOCK Sensor, gas throttle sensor, gas pedal position sensor, other sensors, lambda probe (oxygen sensor), switches, OBD, EGR valve, electronic valve, relays

Dashboard, seats, steering wheel, central console. gearshift lever, gearshift leather, rugs, upholstery, armrests, handles, commands, masks ...

Exhaust manifold, muffler, catalytic converter, resonator, exhaust pipe, tail pipe, sealant mass

Air conditioning, cabin fan, AC cooler, thermostat

Brake pads, brake shoes, disc brakes, drums, ABS, brakes pistons, brake cylinders, brake calipers, servo, brake pad wear sensor

All types of bearings

Hoods, doors, bumpers, mirrors, wings, spoilers, front masks, radiator grille, air intakes

Transmission and cardan parts, clutch set, lamellas, differential lock, cylinder clutch, floating flywheel, semi-axle, homokinetic joint, differential

Fuel tank, oil containers, coolant, windshield fluid

Handbrake cable, clutch cable, gas cable, hood release cable, speedometer cable

Engine cooler (radiator), water pump, thermostat

Fuel pump, nozzles, turbo compressors

Headlights, brake lights, blinkers, fog lights, cabin lights, xenon

Rims, wheel covers, wheel bolts, spacers, ventili

Shock absorbers, servo system, suspension arms, sleeves, knuckles and bars

Тerms of Purchase

If you need a part without installation, no problem! We can send it to you via courier service with payment on delivery. You can also come by our place and pick it up.
Our used parts are tested and verified! We give a warranty for the purchased part for 7 days from the date the package arrived (refund or substitute part). If you don't inform us that the part is faulty in 7 days, we assume that it works and we don't do refunds nor substitutions.
We are not responsible and we don't offer financial compensations in case of any shipping damages because, before shipping, the goods are well packed and maximally protected from any kind of wear.